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Your blog is absolutely amazing! I see myself in this blog! EDM, Jazz, etc...10 out of 10, bro...or sis. lol

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Thanks.  Keep on playing.  It’s always been about the music.  

Bad Blood   - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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Bad Blood

by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
album Beat the Devil's Tattoo


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Bad Blood

When I was back tracking through Max’s tumblr and all of his music posts here on Soundboard, every now and then I would throw a band into spotify just to see what recommended bands there were. Of course this lead me to get extremely sidetracked and I found myself listening to half the discography of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Our Sunday panelist has an a fantastic taste in music, he literally listens to a little bit of everything, or so I have come to believe. So I had to make a list of songs that I might potentially post for today, but I couldn’t get this one out of my head. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club had been around since 1998 but they are far from old news, it’s rumored that they are planning on releasing their 7th album sometime this year.



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What Not To Do


Take a gig and not follow directions.

Client: Please compose a :30 theme for a new TV show.  Here’s the picture.

Composer: I might look at the picture, but I’ll just listen to you on half of your directions and give you a great sounding 3 minute track.

Client: I need a mix without vocals.

Composer: Delivered the mix without vocals 4 days after the request.

Client: I won’t be call you again.

I was the client in the above story.  The composer is very talented and composed a great sounding track for me.  Too bad it had nothing to do with what I needed.  Easiest thing to do in the world is follow directions.  Oh well… There are a lot of other talented people in this world.